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Roobet Review

Wondering where you can find a detailed review of Roobet bitcoin casino? We know that a ton of gamers are also interested in this information. This is what prompted us to create this proper and in-depth review of the casino. More than a few people know of Roobet casino, after all, it was established more than a few years ago. 

With the rise in the number of bitcoin casinos available these days, we thought it best to do some research on this popular casino and share our findings. In this review, we’ll share all the information we have gotten from research as well as exploring the online casino and playing a few games. Everything from the 411 on bonuses to more general information like how the casino was formed will be duly explored to better inform our readers.

Roobet Bitcoin Casino Review


If you are ready for a review of Roobet casino unlike any other thing you have read before, just keep reading. Just like we always say, it’s a great idea to read reviews of online casinos. This is a great way to gather all the information about a casino you need before you commit to playing on the site. 

We aim to be impartial and share honest reviews with our readers so it benefits you well. We have all been there when you hear great things about a casino and rush over to the game there but end up getting disappointed. To save you from experiencing this, all you need to do is read our detailed review of Roobet casino. 

Robot online casino is among the growing number of internet-based casinos that allow their gamers to carry out transactions with cryptocurrency. You may or may not have heard about them already. Whatever the case may be, we are positive you will find this review helpful. To save yourself from going through the tedious work of gathering information from multiple sites, we created this amazing review just for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started by officially introducing you to the casino called Roobet.

All you need to know about Roobet Casino

Roobet online casino was founded in the year 2018. The casino is developed, operated, and owned by TekHou5 and has its official address listed in Belize. The online casino gives its users a variety of options for not only payments using cryptocurrencies. It also has a sportsbook, a casino gaming section as well as a poker room. The developers of Roobet casino were quite intentional about many parts of the casino. For one, they partner with many of the software providers that are the best of the best in the business. It is a very popular online casino as it’s known to dominate the gaming industry in multiple countries.

Its official website is https://roobet.com all you have to do to get started gaming or simply to explore the site is click on that link. Robot casino has its gaming license from the Curacao eGaming Commission. This means it abides by the regulations and legislations of that particular authority. Some can take this as a surefire way that the site is legit because this particular gaming commission does not hand out licenses to simply everybody. 

The developers of Roobet casino pride themselves on operating a fully transparent and honest site. Their games and bets can be verified and are fair. It is a strictly crypto online casino so all financial transactions are done with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. 

Pseudo anonymity

Since it is strictly a crypto casino, the casino is mostly anonymous. When you first register on the site, it is all very straightforward. It takes just a few seconds and you don’t need to share too much personal information. Whatever information you do share, it is encrypted and they use 256-bit encryption. They also make sure they stay GDPR compliant so your information is safe.

Fast facts about Roobet Casino 

  • Strictly cryptocurrencies, no fiat currency allowed 
  • Has its operational address in Belize City
  • Licensed and regulated by the Curacao eGaming association 
  • Owned and run by TekHou5 Limited
  • 24/7 customer support available via live chat and email
  • Great online reviews
  • A wide selection of gaming including over 600 slots

A review of Roobet casino features 

Here we are going to be taking a look at some of the outstanding features of Roobet casino. You’ll get candid information on some of the best and not so great features of the casino to work with. These are what can make or break your game and determine whether or not you win big when you play at Roobet.

Impressive catalog 

This is a feature we are sure a lot of gamers will be excited about. There is quite an impressive variety of bitcoin casino games available on the site. They also have some unique blockchain specific games. A lot of other gamers have commented on how fair their betting system is and it is quite transparent too. The RTP is among the highest in the world of online gaming and we can all agree that is enough reason to be drawn to the site. 

Stellar customer support

A lot of people can agree that having great customer support systems in place can make an online casino doubly attractive. When you know that no matter what time of the day you run into an issue or wish to get some clarification on something, you know there would be someone to respond. Roobet has done its due diligence on this part and created very responsive customer support. You may contact them either using the live chat feature or by email. When we reached out to support, they responded immediately and helped resolve your issues on time. The button for live chat is boldly displayed on the site so you cannot miss it. To get in touch with them via email, simply send a message to support@roobet.com the only thing we are not too crazy about with their support is that there is no direct line you can call. 

Language support 

This ties into how they provide great support services as well. The Roobet online casino services are available for gamers in multiple languages such as Spanish and Portuguese as well as English. This enables their gamers from all around the world to enjoy playing on the site to the fullest without any language barrier. 

Appealing user interface 

One of the things that stands out the most about the user interface on Roobet is how clean and minimalist it is. The site is incredibly easy to navigate thanks to the simple interface and its use of colors is highlighted in how well each game category is presented. When you first visit the site, you can immediately spot the signup button urging you to register. The process of registration is also quite stress-free. You can use a Google or steam account, enter your email address, and choose your own unique password. 

Mobile optimization 

Some developers tend to forget that many of their gamers will be visiting the site from a mobile device. Thus they tend to skip out on making their site as mobile-friendly as possible. The creators of Roobet however are not so short-sighted. They have employed the necessary designs to optimize their website for mobile use. In fact, many users seem to prefer using the mobile version of the game compared to the PC version. They say it is sleeker, it is faster and much more appealing to use. 

Strictly cryptocurrencies 

As we have mentioned before, Roobet is a strictly bitcoin casino. They have no provision for fiat currencies to be used for deposits or withdrawals. Even their options of cryptocurrencies are limited to simply Ethereum and Bitcoins. Gamers who prefer these two cryptocurrencies will have zero trouble gaming on this site as all deposits and withdrawals will be made using their bitcoin wallet. If you do not have a cryptocurrency wallet yet and you wish to play on Roobet online casino, then you will have to create one or stick to using regular online casinos. 

Although Roobet is among the newer casinos unaffiliated with older online casinos, their payment speeds are fast. Some casinos tend to take more than a few days to process payments. Roobet has taken a smart path and decided to skip these methods casinos use to make their players wager their winnings instead of withdrawing them. They also have no limits on the amount or number of times you can make withdrawals in a single day. 

Interesting casino theme 

Roobet has an interesting casino theme. It seems to share many similarities with the Windows 10 layout which is more suited to mobile devices. It has mostly tiles taking up the whole screen while the drop-down menu does not remain on the side of the screen permanently. While this may be off-putting for some gamers, we do not necessarily think it’s a bad thing. In a world where more people are actively using their mobile devices, it’s nice to have something different instead of the typical traditional layouts most bitcoin casinos use. 

Great reviews so far 

While this isn’t exactly a feature, we still think it’s worth mentioning. There have been mixed reviews on Roobet bitcoin casino however this is very normal. What we would like to point out is that the positive reviews outweigh the negatives. They also seem to be willing to work on the points mentioned in their negative feedback. This is quite better than simply ignoring them as some online casinos are known to do. 

Games available on Roobet Casino

Now to the part we know most of our readers are excited about. Although Roobet is a relatively new and seemingly small casino, don’t let that fool you when it comes to their game selection. The casino boasts a wide selection of classic and traditional games as well as new releases and strictly bitcoin games. They have a wide selection in each category including over 600 slots games. 

Roobet has partnered with some of the best and top software and game developers. Developers like Pragmatic Play, No-Limit City, and Evolution Gaming to mention a few. These companies ensure that fresh games are available on Roobet and they are always updated. Here are some of the games available on Roobet. 

Slots games 

With a selection of more than 600 slots games, you’ll never run out of options when gaming on Roobet. They are provided by different software providers so the games are unique and interesting each on their own. You can take a few spins in free mode without making any monetary commitment. Some of the slots games available on Roobet are: 

  • Devils Number 
  • Snake arena 
  • Mysterious 
  • Deadwood 


Unlike some other bitcoin casinos, Roobet does not host tournaments or races. This does not mean you cannot partake in some of the raffles available from major providers. It’s all fun and there is a real chance to win some major money. 

Table games 

Roobet has its own collection of table games for those who enjoy this category as well. Although they are not as many as the slots games. There is still something for everyone. Some of the table games include 

  • French Roulette
  • Red Dog
  • Trey Poker Pro
  • Let it Ride Pro and more 

Live casino 

Aptly called game shows, the live dealer section of Roobet is packed with exciting games. The major provider of games in this category is Evolution Gaming so you can expect to see some major entertainment. You can watch the dealers and players live as they game as you root for your preferred player. You can also have some fun at the baccarat and blackjack tables. 

Blockchain games 

There are a good number of games in the category on Roobet. These types of games have been cropping up a lot on bitcoin-based casinos and Roobet is no exception. These games are provided by ledger technology, the brains behind their distribution, and operation as well. Some of the famous games in this category include 

  • Towers 
  • Roulette 
  • Crash
  • Dice 
  • Mines and more 


Another exciting part of playing at online casinos is the bonuses. Some casinos are famed for their vast array of bonuses in the world of online gaming. However, Roobet is not one of them. While it does have bonuses, it’s Collection is not that wide. As we all know, casinos use bonuses as a means of motivating and encouraging their players. When a casino is generous with their bonuses, this endears gamers to them and makes them more inclined to come back and keep gaming on the site. 

This should not discourage you, however, because there’s still much to gain from using the bonuses on Roobet. They do have some attractive offers and among their most popular ones is the Daily claim. 

Daily claim 

This bonus comes as a small amount that is deposited into the players’ accounts every day. Everyday, once the clock hits 12:00 am UTC, the bonus will reset. You can also only claim this bonus once in a day. 

VIP club 

If you sign up as a VIP member on Roobet, you get some perks that are exclusive to this group. You get to have certain gifts and rewards added to your account randomly. They are usually a surprise and can be quite lucrative as well. 

Welcome bonus 

Although this is not a fixed bonus on Roobet, it is also available. When a promo code is available, all new signups who use the code get some free spins or money added to their wallet. This is a no deposit bonus where you do not have to pay in any money to claim. Simply register and you can claim it. The bonus amounts to 0.001BTC 


In certain countries, the gamers get quite lucky from time to time. They are offered some bonuses unique to that region. Countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada and a few others often get some sort of bonus which only gamers from that region can earn. 

Responsible gaming 

Roobet is among the bookmakers who are all about their clients safety. They raise awareness for responsible gambling and put legislation in place to hold up their own end of it. This includes not allowing minors (people less than 18) to register on their site. 

They also have an incredible online community of gamers who chat with each other often. When a player finds themselves struggling, they can easily reach out to someone and talk it all out. They also create posts with tips on things to do to ensure you do not go overboard with your gambling. 



Who owns Roobet?

The bitcoin casino is owned by TekHous5. 

Is the casino legit?

Given that it has its license from one of the most respectable gaming authorities in Curacao. We can confidently say that the casino is legit. 

How do I withdraw on Roobet?

The supported methods of withdrawal on Roobet involves using Ethereum or bitcoin. All you need to have is a crypto wallet and it’s as easy as ever. 

Is Roobet affiliated with any other casino?

No. Roobet is an independent casino and is not affiliated with any other major names.

What is the withdrawal limit on Roobet. 

Roobet has no withdrawal limits. You can withdraw as much as you like as many times in a day. 

Final verdict/Conclusion 

To conduct this online bitcoin casino review of Roobet, we did a whole lot of research. While doing all of this, we found mostly good things about the casino. Everything from its gaming section to the software developers they partner with is top notch. 

However, we can say that they still have some areas that need to be improved. This includes its limited bonus offerings as well as the number of restricted countries and regions it has. 

All in all, we can say good things from our time on the casino. In addition to this, the reviews given by other gamers are also glowing. We think the casino has more to offer the world and we can look forward to a more global base of gamblers, maintenance of their great reputation, and much more from Roobet bitcoin casino.

Roobet Details

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