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Everyone has their list of favorite online bitcoin casino games. The reason is that every gambler has different preferences. Some people like to play Blackjack as they like counting cards. On the other hand, some don’t want to bother with counting anything and like to play slot machines.

However, there are some games with good deals that you do not want to pass up. Furthermore, some games are so boring for almost everyone. And some games have terrible odds or qualify for a top list only if you make certain bets.

With that said, there is no evidence to say which bitcoin casino game is enjoyable. I am going to offer my opinion on that matter, but yours might differ. Every gambler has its reason to gamble in a casino. There is one important advice as a gambler my self before you choose any game, make sure to gamble on those online Bitcoin casino games that are safe and trusted.

Without further ado, the following are the top 5 online bitcoin casino games to play:

1. Blackjack

Blackjack comes at the top of our list; I know many people still do not like this game. I will share some downsides of the game at the start and then will talk about why is it one of the best online bitcoin casino games.

Blackjack is not a good game for people consumed by their thoughts. They can still play the game if there is no one else on the table. However, they still need to interact with a human dealer in a physical casino. In short, human interaction is compulsory while playing blackjack.

Furthermore, some people do not like games. Maybe they don’t like cards or never played cards in their life. So, they do not know much about how it works. Some do not like mathematical calculations and the gamblers know that this game is about addition and subtraction.

But keep in mind that an intelligent and talented gambler can get an edge on the game. If you are good at counting cards then this game is the perfect match for you. Counting cards is a gambling technique used in the game, but there are some other ways too. Keep in mind that this technique is not that difficult. There are lots of sites to learn how to count cards.

In short, it is an incredible game even if you do not want to play at an online Bitcoin casino.

2. Video Poker

Video Poker as the name implies is an online slot machine. However, it offers some great odds of winning and it is what every gambler wants in a casino. If you are more of a social guy and have some great techniques up your sleeve then this might not be the best choice. In this game, there is nothing to interact with other than the game.

Video Poker is a great game for skilled players. But there is a positive picture to like the Blackjack. The reason it is on the top list because it has good odds and transparency. Furthermore, it uses a random number generator that duplicates the odds. It also means that if you need an ace to fill your straight, you can determine the odds of getting that.

With a slot machine, there is no way, you can calculate the odds of getting a symbol. When a cherry is going to come up, you cannot tell. It is good to have some control over your destiny especially when you are in a casino.

3. Craps

Craps is another best online bitcoin casino game on our list. You need an entire crew to run this game. Lots of people stand around the table to place their bets. Furthermore, all of the bets on the table have funny names.

I know that the gameplay is very complicated for the new people. There are lots of moving parts in the game but in the end, someone shots dice and hope to get certain numbers. The gameplay is complicated to learn. There are 2 dice that you need to use in the game. The main goal for the shooter is to get 7 or 11 on the come-out. The players need to avoid rolling a 12,3, or 2.

The simplest bet on the table is to guess whether a shooter is going to fail or succeed. Unlike Blackjack, you do not need to know any kind of strategy to play this game.

4. Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the favorite online Bitcoin casino games in a casino. Especially among the high rollers for decades. It is also a card game with its advantages and disadvantages like any other. One of the big advantages is its low house edge. You do not need to make any decisions while playing. The only similarity between Blackjack and Baccarat is a traditional deck of cards.

If you a high roller then it is the best game to play and people who don’t want fast-paced. If you are one of them who don’t like to learn any strategy then it provides an interesting opportunity to get an edge over the casino.

5. Slot Machines

When we talk about online Bitcoin casino games, how we can forget to mention slot machines. I know we mentioned video poker has some great advantages, but still slot machines are most common among gamblers. Keep in mind that not all the games created equally.

This game is best for those gamblers who want to play solo without socializing. It is also good for people who do not like to make decisions. You just need to put your money and spin the roll. After that, you need to wait to see what your luck gets you. You can say that it is more of a luck game but who does not like to bet on their luck. So, if you are an introvert then give it a try.

Last Words!

We have covered many types of online Bitcoin casino games. Which one suits a gambler depends on its preferences. Which game is “the best” also depends on personal preference. Every gambler knows its goal so it is up to you which one you are going to pick.

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